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Afternoon Shopping
A New Shooting Star
April in Paris
Arabian Nights
Ascot Lady
Autums Fairy
Ballroom Queen
Batik Look
Beautyful Duckling
Birthday Party
Black Glamour
Black in Blue
Black Lace-purple
Black Velvet
Blue Lagoon
Blue Twenties
Blues in New Orleans
Brooklin Beauty
Burgundy Lady
Burgundy Mink
Caledonian Lady
Carioca Princess
Carnaby Street
Carneval in Venice
Carribean Rainbow
Cats and Mouse
Charleston Belle
Checkered Blue
Chica Margerita
Chinese appeal
Christmas Evening
Christmas Jane
Close to me Heart
Copacabana Dancer
Coronation Day
Country christening
Créole Queen
Dance in Pink
Dazzling seventies
Desert Elegance
Deux Pieces Rose
Downtown Party
Eastside Starlet
Evening Elegance
Evening Star
Fortune Teller
Glitter Blue
Goin to a Party
Gold and Leather
Gold Coast Fantasy
Gold Glitter
Gold Medal
Golden Cinnamon
Golden Night
Golden Shadow
Golden State Glamour
Golders Green
Greek Modern
Green Cocktail
Green Rose
Happy Day
Harlem Beauty
Harlequin's Day
Hibiscus Lady
Hollywood Bride
I Love Barbie
I Sing a Song
In the Mood
IOC Official
Jamaica Queen
Jungle Cats
Kalkuta Nun
Kitten Fantasy
Knights Bridge Lady
Lady in Snake Leather
Lady Jane
Lakeshore Elegance
Leather and Chains
Leather Chic
Lilac Talisman
Limelight Fantasy
Lizard Livery
Madame Pompadour
Manhattan Lady
Maria Shell
Merry Widow
Midnight dancing
Midnight Opening
Millenium Wedding
Millenium Witness
Miss Benz 1886
My 4. of July
My Favorite Toys
Negresco Royal
New Years Eve
Night Blue
Northwest Elegance
Nun's Story
Opera Queen
Orange Blossom
Painter in Blue
Pant Suit
Pasadena Rose Parade
Pauper Press
Pearls and Lace
Permanent Pink
Pink Bess
Pink Tea Party
Pinstripe Gala
Pocahontas Fan
Portland Rose
Princess Dibujante
Puttin on the Ritz
Radiant Day
Radiant Evening
Rainy Day
Red Baroness
Red Beauty
Red Grace
Reggae Chic
Rhinestone Cocktail
Roaring Twenties
Russian Princess
Russian Winter
Sassafras Party
Silk Topper
Silver Jubilee
Silver Party
Silver Saloon
Sister in Action
Southern Candy
Spanish Harlem
Spider Web Blanche
Star of the Limelight
Star Rose
Stardust Model
Story Teller
Straying Cat
Strolling in the Park
Summer Beauty
Summer Evening
Summer Nights
Summer Rain
Sunday Morning
Sunset Splendor
The Czardas Duchess
Tight Beauty
Twen Rouge
Ultra Marine Blossom
Venecian Carneval
Water Goddes
White Leopard Lady
Wild Cat
Wildcat Winter
Winter Rose
Winter Show Time
Winters Day
Xantera in Black
Xantera in Red
Xantera in White
Yellow Rose
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