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Bild-Lilli, Barbie's predecessor

Barbie's Introduction

Barbie's early history

Barbie's biography

Barbie's Manufacturers Markings

Barbie's controversies

Barbie's friends and relatives

Ethnic Barbie's

Barbie's fashion

Barbie through the ages, 1959 - 2009

Barbie luxury doll to massproduction

Barbie as collectors object

Silkstone Barbie doll

How to care Barbie's head?

How to care Barbie's body?

How to care Barbie's clothes?

Barbie versus Bratz

Dolls of the My Scene-line

The five different collector types

Glossary of Abbreviations



  The Barbie doll ist the best known and most sold doll in the world and
therefore a toy classic. Barbie is a registered trade mark of the Mattel company
and represents a production line of fashion dolls in 1:6 scale. Thus, Ken is a Barbie doll
just as well, because the term Barbie became a synonym for all kinds of fashion dolls long ago.
Fashion dolls existed for a long time before Barbie and the first known were reported to exist
in France as early as the 13th century. But its reputation to become a part of the western
cultural history is the merit to the founder of the Mattel company and her concept that has
constantly been refined over the Years and includes the following focal points:

                                                - Styling of the Barbie doll
                                                - Focus on fashion and trendy clothing
                                                - Incorporation of miscellaneous ethnic objectives
                                                - Expanding the product line with more doll personalities
                                                - Development from a luxury doll to a mass production toy
                                                - Special high detail productions for collectors besides playline dolls

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