How to care Barbie's clothes
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  Caring General:
Dolls and wardrobes are generally easy to clean with soft soapwater (be careful with
the face, some of the paints are water soluble). Watch out for color buttons these may
dissolve shen the clothes are washed. Never wash fur, brocade and velvet. Always
remove metal earrings, as the metal will oxydate when in contact with vinyl. Always
remove the hairbow from Skipper’s head.
How to care Barbie's clothes?
For White Items:
I've had great success soaking whites in cold water with Twin Pines Perk with their
Boost additive. This Julia uniform was intact, with all its little buttons, not a stitch
missing; so pretty beneath all the grime and yellowing. I soaked it for a week in a 1:3
solution of Twin Pines Perk with a teaspoon of Booost added. I thoroughly rinsed the
uniform every day and changed the solution twice. The uniform dried on a mannequin,
and retained its sizing and shape. The color is bright white, and the uniform looks new. 
Beautiful! I've read that Efferdent tablets dissolved in cold water work well on white
satin or white cotton that has yellowed, although I haven't tried this method.
For Colored Items:
The first thing I do is soak a colored item in a mixture of one part white vinegar to five
parts water to set the colors. I let it sit for about an hour, rinse it, and then wash it using
Perk. I do not use Woolite, as it removes fabric sizing. A limp Swirly Cue showed me that.
The Clover Mini-Iron works well for touch-ups on these tiny, delicate items.
Smoke / Musty Odors:
While my first inclination is to wash, some pieces of clothing will not stand up to a good
soaking, like the 'suede' coat of Magnificent Midi. These pieces I would wrap in acid free
tissue paper and try the cat litter process. It may take more than a week, especially with
suede or faux suede. My Gaucho Gear boots and vest needed a two week process.
I've read this but haven't had the need to try it yet: Place a layer of baking soda in the
bottom of a tupperware like container. Wrap clothing in a paper towel and place it on top
of the baking soda. Put the lid on the container and let it sit. Every seven days replace
the baking soda and paper towels until all the smell is gone. I would not use Fabreeze. 
It leaves a telltale odor that turns stale over time.


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