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Barbie is the main figure of this doll world.
In the subsequent description when referring to Barbie, this figure is meant at all times.
Barbie has always oriented herself to every actual fashion trend and therefore she remained
an impersonation of the evolution at each time, Her appearance has always changed accordingly:
The very first Barbie, known as „Ponytail No.1“ to insiders, was available as a blonde and brunette,
incorporating a curled ponytail hairstyle. Her headmold witha a closed mouth, and molded on eyelashes
were copied after Lilli, and excactly as the latter she has a distinct makeup and a pronounced female body
with curves. Unlike most other dolls her legs do not spread when seated but remain ladylike parallel
(this had also been a trademark of Lilli). Later she was also available with short hairstyles and other hair colors.
1967 Barbie gets a new face mold. The eyelashes are now painted or even rooted and generally
she appears more girlish that her predecessor.

1977 Marks the appearance of „Superstar Barbie“ she gets a new head which is being
used for Barbie for the following twenty Years: a wide smiling face with large eyes and
a chin incorporating a dimple. This became Mattel’s the most used head mold.
The various hair colors were discontinued in favor of blonde only until 1991 when
blacks and brunettes reappeared.


From 1996 Barbie has a new face with a closed mouth and in 2000 the Superstar face was modified again; the smile is less superficial, less wide and the head became narrower. These are the two basic head molds which are still used today; except that in 2005 a version with a 10% enlargement of the mold had been introduced.
Beginning with the Year 2003 Mattel introduced dolls with a new body: the torso and the legs were shorter while the hips became slightly wider.

To improve the posing and the playing with the dolls, Mattel modified the dolls continuously in the following Years, bendable legs and interchangeable wigs with color magic hair that could be  colored to taste. Frequently talking dolls appeared as well. Several times more articulated bodies were developed consisting of more bendable joints, besides the standard bodies with fixed arms and limited bendable legs. Such articulated bodies were just  manufactured during a few Years only.

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