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Bild-Lilli, Barbie's predecessor

Barbie's Introduction

Barbie's early history

Barbie's biography

Barbie the doll

Barbie's Manufacturers Markings

Barbie's controversies

Barbie's friends and relatives

Ethnic Barbie's

Barbie's fashion

Barbie through the ages, 1959 - 2009

Barbie luxury doll to massproduction

Barbie as collectors object

Silkstone Barbie doll

How to care Barbie's head?

How to care Barbie's body?

How to care Barbie's clothes?

Barbie versus Bratz

The five different collector types

Glossary of Abbreviations


  Since the turn of the century several other manufacturers produced fashion dolls
with proportionally oversized heads. To participate with this trend,
Mattel developed 2003 an independent playline named "My Scene",
which used the name Barbie until 2006. The My Scene-line also has several friends;
but different to Barbie these dolls all generally having all the same head mold,
although with different skin- and hair colors.
The heads of all these dolls are about twice as large as  the ones of the usual
Barbie-dolls; but the bodies are equal for both lines, so that
"My scene" – dolls can wear Barbie’s clothes and shoesand vice versa.
These friends are named Barbie, Westley, Nolee, Chelsea, Delancey and Kennedy.


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