Big excitement about Barbie’s friend Ken
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  My Space considered the images too daring:

This outing of Barbie’s male partner appeared in this Year of her 50th birthday. Christian Bauer
presented KEN-dolls on huge screens having fun with other men, which seems much too daring. 

The ultra-slim Barbie-doll that the U.S. Toy Company Mattel introduced to the market 50 Years ago
is well known to everybody. This perfectly slim figure is timeless, age- and sexless and made it to
most of the girls rooms in the world living its dream of perfect, endless beauty. Mattel provided
Ken as her male companion. Although he did not succeed so well on the toy market, because little
girls are obviously not allowed to play with male dolls – while it is still not appropriate for boys to
play with dolls, even in today’s society.

But the artist Christian Bauer, manager of the Academy for Arts and Design of the European
Culture Forum with his studio near the city of Dueren in Germany, has an entirely different view of
this social issue.

Since the time that Mattel had withdrawn the ever young Ken from its production line, (eventually
due to the rumors that he was inclined to prefer males only); Bauer started collecting these dolls
in all their life styles and outfits. Cowboys, workmen, dancers,truckdrivers, models and many more
variations have accumulated in his studio during the past couple of Years and they mostly serve
as models and/or examples for the artist’s particular doll scenes.


"Ken is gay and this is quite acceptable"

“KEN-Zeichen” (trad: KEN-sign), is the name of a series of images produced by Christian Bauer . who revitalized Barbie’s partner for her 50th birthday. Herein the dolls are naked, but sexless the way Mattel produced them without any genitals and the artist presents them on a large six feet screen. And here finally everything can be seen what reportedly is taboo in the public opinion: real boys are playing with their Ken doll.
Although when looking closer, you may discover that the artist has changed the scenes completely. Ken grew up from his Barbie world and found himself his own playmates like: a current football star, a Hispanic friend, a bodybuilder and many others, because here this artist finally allowed Ken to be what his creators never wanted him to be, although everybody knew: “Ken is gay and this is perfectly acceptable”, says Christian Bauer.
Already in the project stage of the planned exhibition, the outing of the Ken-doll caused a lot of public nuisance: MySpace banished the “Ken-Sign" - images and threatened to exclude the artist from their platform as well as disqualifying him from all Internet forums if he continues to insert more Albums of this kind. My Space was not interested even though this is artwork and with dolls only.

Despite all the turmoil a couple of art gallery owners from Berlin and even one from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia showed their interest. “They would like to display the “Ken-Signs”, - reports Christian Bauer – “ while these images are nothing else but an artistic symbol for the interpretation of today’s metrosexuality; the society of our time decorates or tackles itself with this phenomen while searching for exciting news and is mainly addicted to something unusual or extravagant”.




Hot sex images with Ken and the gang

Barbie’s friend is Ken and the gay version of the jointed doll is named Joe. What these two will do together may be seen on a special website. In this site called, “Poseable Thumbs” the male versions of the Barbie line like: Bobby, Daddy Joe Dz, Dogboy, Jeffy, Max, Rusty and Slave can be seen in action. These are fully equipped with muscle packs all over their figures, although they all lack their genitals for obvious reasons. The owner of this website: Pete Handler equipped vintage Ken- and G.I.Joe-dolls with various fetish-outfits and posed them for professional photographers, the result was an album looking like a porn-set. Usually the dirty minds in the viewers heads are replacing the details which are not shown, and it is considered sexy. Thus, whoever encounters these pages while browsing is enthusiastic about it and this is acknowledged by the guest book of the site. Handler says: “ I have collected so many images and photographs, that I could edit a book about it”. Time will tell when the first animated erotic movie, starring nude doll actors will be realized.





CWA-Group says: Barbie renders our kids homosexual

Washington (queer.de) – The fundamental-christian lobby : “Concerned Women for America” (CWA) accuses Barbie-producer Mattel to advertise for the “homosexual agenda” with their plastic toys. Bob Knight, the (male) chairman of this “group of concerned women for America” also abuses the “Barbie-website”, because reportedly: children between 4 – 8 Years of age are questioned to state if they are female or male or just none of either of them. “Here is the basic idea that men are not born to belong to a predetermined sex, rather they can select their sexual identity for themselves”, quotes Knight. “Behind this, there is a system to implant the homosexual agenda in all the heads”. And this agenda should be realized preferably working with children: “Each child which is not sure, who it is, must be convinced to commit and perform sexual activities”.
The influence of the Barbie dolls has a terrible impact on young girls... and Knight continues:  “Barbie refrains the girls to believe the idea that womanliness is a basic Christian concept – which is to serve the lord, to marry, to have children and to build an own house… all this is not visible in Barbie’s world, there are only materialistic and financial interests”. This CWA-lobby has been founded 1979 and has 500.000 members according to their own published records.