My Vintage Barbie doll and fashion Collection
1981 - 1990
I still have many dolls and fashions which are not yet recorded in my inventory

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1981 1982 1983
All Star Ken
Dolls Of The World Eskimo 
Barbie and Friends Barbie, Ken and PJ 
Bride Doll Tracy 
Angel Face Barbie 
Baby Sitter Skipper 
Dolls Of The World India
Dolls Of The World Italian #1602
Dolls Of The World Spanish 
Dolls Of The World Swedish
Ballerina Barbie 
Crystal Barbie
Dolls Of The World Parisian 1st Edition
Dolls Of The World Royal U.K.
Dream Date PJ
Handsome Dressed Up Todd
Crystal Ken
Dolls Of The World Irish 
Fashion Jeans Barbie
Golden Evening Barbie
Hawaiian Barbie
My First Barbie 
Dolls of The World Swiss
Great Shape Barbie
Magic Curl Barbie 
Pink and Pretty Barbie 
Twirley Curls Barbie
Twirley Curls brunette Barbie
Great Shape Ken
Great Shape Skipper 
Sunsational Malibu black Ken 
Western Skipper
Happy Birthday Barbie
Loving You Barbie 
  Sun Gold Malibu Barbie
Sweet Roses PJ
1984 1985 1986
Day to Night Barbie
Dolls Of The World Japanese
Celebration Sears Barbie 
Dolls Of The World Greek
Dolls Of The World Barbie German 
Dolls Of The World Barbie Icelandic
Happy Birthday Barbie Gift Set 
My First Barbie 
Dolls of The World Peruvian
Dream Glow Barbie
Fun time Barbie 
Hot Rockin' Rockstars Derek
Peaches ? Cream Barbie
The Heart Family Mom, Dad, Babies Set
The Rockers Barbie 
The Rockers Derek
Jewel Secrets Barbie 
Jewel Secrets Ken
Tropical Barbie
Tropical Skipper
Jewel Secrets Skipper
Jewel Secrets Whitney
My First Barbie
Romantic Bride Barbie
Super Hair Barbie
The Heart Family Grandma ? Grandpa
The Rockers Barbie 
The Rockers Diva
The Rockers Dana
1987 1988 1989
California Barbie
Doctor Barbie
Animal Lovin' Nikki 
Cool Times Barbie
Army Barbie 
Army Ken
Doctor Ken
Dolls Of The World Barbie Canadian
Cool Times Ken
Dance Club Kayla
Beach Blast Barbie 
Beach Blast Miko
Dolls Of The World Barbie Korean
Fun to Dress Barbie
Feeling Fun Barbie 
Frills ? Fantasy Barbie
Beach Blast Ken 
Beach Blast Skipper
Mardi Gras Barbie 
Nurse Whitney
Fun to Dress Barbie 
Gift Giving Barbie
Cool Tops Skipper
Dance Club Barbie
Perfume Pretty Barbie 
Sensations Barbie 
Golden Party Barbie
High School Jazzie
Dance Club Ken 
Dance Magic Barbie
Sensations Bopsy 
Star Dream Sears Barbie
Homecoming Queen Skipper 
Lavender Looks Barbie
Dance Magic Ken
Dolls Of The World Barbie Mexican
Teen Fun Cheerleader Skipper
Teen Fun Party Teen Skipper
Style Magic Barbie
Style Magic Whitney
Dolls Of The World Barbie Russian
Evening Enchantment Barbie
Teen Fun Woorkout Skipper
Teen Sweetheart Skipper
Super Star Barbie 
Teen Time Skipper
Flight Time Barbie
Flight Time Ken
Wal Mart 25 Year Anniversary Barbie Tennis Star Barbie ? Ken Flight Time Brunette Barbie
Gold and Lace Target Barbie 
Happy Holidays Barbie
Ice Capades Barbie
Ice Capades Ken
Lavender Surprise Barbie
My first Ken
Pepsi Spirit Barbie
Pepsi Spirit Skipper
Sweet Roses Barbie
The All Stars Ken
Unicef Special Edition Barbie 
Wedding Fantasy Bride Barbie
Western Fun Barbie 
Western Fun Ken
Western Fun Nia
Air Force Barbie 
All American Ken
All American Kira
All American Teresa
Baby Sitter Courtney
Cool Looks Barbie
Cool Teen Kevin 
Cool Tops Kevin
Dolls Of The World Barbie Brazilian 
Dolls Of The World Barbie Czechoslovakian 
Dolls Of The World Barbie Nigerian
Dolls of the World Scottish (2nd Ed.)
Dream Fantasy Barbie 
Fashion Play Barbie
First Summit Barbie 
Gold Barbie Bob Mackie 
Happy Birthday Barbie 
Happy Holidays Barbie 
Ice Capades Barbie
Party Pretty Barbie
Party Sensation Barbie 
Snap ? Play Barbie
Style Barbie 
Teen Jazzie
United Colors of Benetton Marina 
United Colors of Benetton Barbie 
Wedding Party Midge Gift Set 
Winter Fun Barbie