My Vintage Barbie doll and fashion Collection
1991 - 2000
I still have many dolls and fashions which are not yet recorded in my inventory

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1991   1992   1993
30th Anniversary Ken Porcelain
Asha Maoni
  Back to School Barbie 
Baseball Barbie (Target)
  1920's Flapper Barbie
30th Anniversary Midge Porcelain 
Ballroom Beauty Barbie
Barbie for President Gift Set ToysRUs
  Belle Disney Classic
Benefit Ball Barbie 
  Army Ken 
Army Barbie 
Beauty Pageant Skipper
Belle Doll Disney Classic
  Dolls of The World Native American 
Birthday Party Barbie
  City Style Barbie
Dolls Of The World Barbie Australian
Birthday Surprise Barbie
Cinderella Disney Classics
  Dolls Of The World Barbie English
Dolls Of The World Barbie Jamaican 
  Dolls Of The World Barbie Italian
Dolls Of The World Barbie Native A.
Dolls Of The World Barbie Eskimo
Dolls Of The World Barbie Malaysian
  Dolls Of The World Barbie Spanish
Earring Magic Ken 
  Dolls Of The World Barbie Native  A.
Filipina Barbie
Dream Bride Barbie
Happy Holidays Barbie
  Empress Bridge Bob Mackie Barbie
Evening Sensations Barbie
  Gibson Girl
Happy Holidays Barbie 
Madison Avenue Barbie
Mermaid Barbie
  Glitter Beach Teresa
Happy Holidays Barbie
  Jasmine & Rajah Disney 
Locket Surprise Alexia
Navy Barbie
Navy Black Barbie
  Holiday Hostess Barbie
  Masquerade Barbie Bob Mackie 
Moonlight Magic Barbie 
Pretty Surprise Barbie 
Prince Phillip Disney Sleeping Beauty
  Love to Read Barbie 
Malt Shoppe Toys R Us Barbie 
  NafNaf Barbie
Opening Night Barbie
Sharin' Sisters Barbie
Ski Fun Barbie
  Marine Corps Barbie
Marine Corps Black Barbie 
  Police Officer Barbie 
Royal Splendor Barbie Porcelain
Ski Fun Ken
Sleeping Beauty Disney Sleeping Beauty
  Marine Corps AA Barbie & Ken GS
Marine Corps Barbie and Ken Gift Set
  Spots & Dots Teresa
Winter Princess Barbie
Southern Belle Barbie   Marine Corps black Ken   Winter Royale Barbie
Sparkle Eyes Barbie
Spring Parade Barbie
  Masquerade Ball Barbie Bob Mackie
Neptune Fantasy Barbie Bob Mackie 
Starlight Splendor Barbie Bob Mackie 
Sterling Silver Rose Barbie Bob Mackie 
  Party & Play Todd 
Party Changes Barbie 
Sun Sensations Barbie 
Sun Sensations Kira
  Plantation Belle Barbie Porcelain
Radiant in Red Barbie 
Swan Lake Barbie 
The Beast disney Classic 
  Satin Nights Barbie
Sea Holiday Barbie
Totally Hair Barbie
Totally Hair brunette Barbie
  Sea Holiday Ken
Sea Holiday Midge
    Shopping Fun Barbie
Stacie Littlest Sister of Barbie
    Winter Belle Doll Disney    
1994   1995   1996
30th Anniversary Skipper Porcelain
Air Force Barbie and Ken Gift Set
  50th Anniversary Barbie
American Indian Barbie
  30th Anniversary Francie
30th Anniversary Star Trek Giftset
Air Force Black Barbie and Ken Gift Set
Alice In Wonderland
  Christian Dior Barbie
Colonial Barbie 
  Autumn Glory Barbie 
Barbie as George Washington
Dolls Of The World Barbie Chinese 
Dolls Of The World Barbie Dutch
  Dolls of the World Barbie Native A.
Dolls of the World Barbie German
  Barbie Millicent Roberts Matinee Today 
Calvin Klein Barbie
Dolls Of The World Barbie Kenyan
Dolls Of The World Barbie Native A.
  Dolls of the World Barbie Irish
Dolls of the World Barbie Norwegian
  Chinese Empress
Cinderella Barbie 
Egyptian Queen
Evening Extravaganza Barbie
  Dolls of the World Barbie Polynesian 
Donna Karan
  City Shopper Barbie
Civil War Nurse Barbie
Evening Extravaganza Black Barbie
Evergreen Princess Barbie
  Dorothy (Wizard of Oz)
Elizabethan Queen Barbie
  Dolls Of The World Barbie American I.
Dolls Of The World Barbie Andalucia
Happy Holidays Barbie
Queen of Hearts Barbie Bob Mackie 
  Enchanted Evening Barbie  Repro
Goddes of the Sun  Barbie Bob Mackie
  Dolls Of The World Barbie Ghanian
Dolls Of The World Barbie India
Rapunzel Barbie 
Savvy Shopper Barbie
  Happy Holidays Barbie 
Holiday Jewel Barbie Porcelain
  Dolls Of The World Barbie Japanese
Dolls Of The World Barbie Mexican
Scarlett O'Hara (Green Drapery Dress)
Scarlett O'Hara (Red Dress)
  Holiday Memories Barbie 
Jeweled Splendor Barbie
  Dolls Of The World Barbie Norwegian
Eliza Doolittle / My Fair Lady Flower Girl
Snow Princess Barbie
Southern Bell Barbie
  Little Bo Peep Barbie 
Maria in The Sound of Music
  Eliza Doolittle / at Ascot
Eliza Doolittle / at the Embassy Ball
Uptown Chic Barbie
Victorian Elegance Barbie
  Medieval Lady Barbie
Midnight Gala Barbie 
  Eliza Doolittle / in HerClosing Scene
Emerald Embers Barbie 
Winter's Eve Barbie   Peppermint Princess Barbie   Emerald Enchantment Barbie
    Pilgrim Barbie
Pioneer Barbie
  Empress Sissy
Escada Barbie
    Romantic Rose Bride - Porcelain doll 
Ruby Romance Barbie
  Glinda (Wizard of Oz)
Goddess of the Sun Barbie
    Sapphire Dream Barbie
Scarlett O’Hara (BBQ Dress) 
  Grand Premiere Barbie
Grecian Goddess Barbie
    Scarlett O’Hara (black and white dress)
Solo in the Spotlight Barbie Reproduction 
  Happy Holidays Barbie
Harley Davidson Barbie #1
    Special Occasion Barbie
Spring Bouquet Barbie
  Holiday Ball BarbieHoliday Caroler 
Holiday Traditional Barbie
    Star Lily Bride Barbie Porcelain
Starlight Waltz Barbie
  Jewel Princess Barbie
Little Bo Peep Barbie
    Summer Sophisticate Barbie
Sweet Valentine Barbie 
  Matinee Today Barbie
Midnight Waltz Barbie
    Wedding Cinderella   Moon Goddess Barbie Bob Mackie
        Pioneer Barbie
Poodle Parade Barbie Reproduction
        Portrait in Taffeta Barbie
Professor Henry Higgins
        Radiant Rose Barbie
Ralph Lauren Barbie
        Romantic Interlude Barbie
Romantic Rose Bride Barbie Porcelain
        Starlight Dance Barbie
Starlight Dance black Barbie
        Statue of Liberty Barbie
Sugar Plum Fairy Barbie
        Sweet Valentine Barbie
Tin Man (Wizard of Oz)
        Victorian Lady Barbie
Wedding Day Barbie Repro
        Yuletide Romance Barbie
1997   1998   1999
Amethyst Aura Barbie Bob Mackie
Anne Klein
  35th Anniversary Midge
50th Anniversary Nascar Barbie
  40th Anniversary Barbie
40th Anniversary black Barbie
Autumn in Paris Barbie 
Barbie Loves Elvis Gift Set
  Angel of Joy Barbie
Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's
  Angel of Peace black Barbie
Audrey Hepburn in Pink Princess
Bill Blass Barbie 
Billion of Dreams Barbie
  Autumn in Paris Barbie
Becky- I`m the school Photographer
  Autumn in London Barbie
Avon Representative Barbie
Blushing Orchid Bride Barbie Porcelain
Byron Lars In the Limelight Barbie
  Cafe Society Barbie
Cinnabar Sensation Barbie Byron Lars
  Avon Representative black Barbie
Avon Representative brunette Barbie
Chinese Empress Barbie
Christian Dior Barbie
  Cinnabar Sensation black Barbie 
Dance' til Dawn Barbie
  Birthday Wishes Barbie
Camelot's King Arthur and Guinevere GS
Country Rose Barbie
Cowardly Lion (Wizard of Oz)
  Definitely Diamonds Barbie
Dolls Of The World Barbie Chilean
  Cleoparta-Elisabeth Taylor
Club Couture Barbie
Diamond Dazzle Barbie Bob Mackie
Dolls of the World American Indian
  Dolls Of The World Barbie Native A.
Dolls Of The World Barbie Polish
  Coca Cola Santa
Coca Cola Waitress Barbie
Dolls of the World Barbie Arctic
Dolls of the World Barbie French
  Dolls Of The World Barbie Thai
Elvis Presley Timeless Treasures
  Commuter Set Barbie Repro
Country Duet Barbie and Ken Gift Set
Dolls of the World Barbie North America
Dolls of the World Barbie Puerto Rican
  Erica Kane 
Evening Sophisticate barbie
  Crystal Jubilee Barbie
Dolls Of The World Barbie Austrian
Emerald Embers Barbie Bob Mackie 
Fashion Luncheon Barbie  Reproduction
  Fair Valentine  Barbie
Fantasy Goddess of Asia Barbie
  Dolls Of The World Barbie Moroccan
Embassy Waltz Barbie
Fabergé Imperial Elegance  Porcelain
Flip 'n Dive Speedo Barbie
  Golden Anniversary Barbie
Golden Qi-Pao
  Fantasy Goddess of Africa Bob Mackie
Far Out Barbie
French Lady Barbie 
French Lady Barbie
  Happy Holidays Barbie 
Harley Davidson Barbie #2
  Festiva Barbie
Hanae Mori Barbie
Happy Holidays Barbie 
Harpist Angel Barbie
  Harpist Angel
Holiday Gift Barbie Porcelain
  Frankie Sinatra
Gala 40th Anniversary Barbie
Holiday Voyage Barbie 
Lily Barbie
  Illusion Masquerade Gala Barbie 
Kebaya Barbie
  Had a Little Lamb Barbie
Harley Davidson Ken #1
Madame du Barbie Bob Mackie 
Monet's Water Lilly Barbie
  Lucille ball as Lucy Ricardo
Mrs. P.F.E. Albee Barbie
  Heartstring Angel Barbie
Holiday Treasures Barbie
Marilyn in 7 Year Itch 
Marilyn in Prefer Blondes (pink Dress)
  Nolan Miller Barbie
Oscar de la Renta Barbie
  Le Papillon Barbie Bob Mackie
Lucy Ricardo in Job Switching
Marilyn in Prefer Blondes (Red Dress)
Midnight Princess Barbie
  Phantom of the Opera Giftset 
Pinstripe Power Barbie
  Marzipan in The Nutcracker Barbie
MGM Golden Hollywood Barbie
Moonlight Waltz Barbie 
Mrs. P.F.E. Albee Barbie
  Promenade in the Park Barbie
Rendez-vous Masquerade Gala Barbie
  Millennium Princess Barbie 
Mint Memories Barbie Porcelain
Native American Barbie
Patriot Barbie
  Rosal Barbie 
Reyna Mora Barbie
  Nascar Official #94 Barbie
Nolan Miller Evening Illusion Barbie
Perfectly Suited Millicent Roberts
Reyna de las Aetas Barbie
  Rising Star Barbie
Romeo and Juliet Gift Set
  Plum Royale Barbie Byron Lars
Reflection of Light Barbie
Reyna Mora Santacruzan Barbie
Romantic Interlude Barbie
  Silken Flame  Barbie Reproduction 
Steppin Out Barbie
  Rose Barbie
Snow White Barbie
Romantic Interlude black Barbie
Romeo und Julia Gift Set
  Summer Daydreams Coca Cola Barbie
Summer in San Francisco Barbie
  Snowflake from Nutcrakers Barbie
Spanish Barbie
Ruby Radiance Barbie Bob Mackie 
Sapphire Splendor  Barbie Bob Mackie
  Sunflower- Vincent van Gogh Barbie 
Swan Queen in Swan Lake Barbie
  Sparkling Splendor Barbie
Spring in Tokyo Barbie
Scarecrow (Wizard of Oz)
Sentimental Valentine Barbie
  Swan Queen in Swan Lake AA Barbie
Symphony in Chiffon Barbie
  Steppin Out Barbie
Styled by Yuming Barbie
Serenade in Satin Barbie
Silken Flame Barbie Repro
  Tale of Peter Rabbit Barbie
Tangerine Twist Barbie
  Summer in Rome
The Flamingo Barbie
Sugar Plum Fairy Barbie
Summer Splendor Barbie
  The Peacock Barbie 
The X-Files Barbie and Ken Giftset
  The Tango Barbie Bob Mackie
Todd Oldham Barbie
Symphonie in Chiffon Barbie 
The Wild Bunch Francie Repro
  Twist 'N Turn Barbie Repro
Uptown Chic Barbie
  Trend Forecaster Barbie
Twist 'N Turn Barbie brunette
Vera Wang 
Water Lily Barbie
  Water Rhapsody Barbie
Whispering Wind Barbie
  Twist 'N Turn Barbie Redhead
Vera Wang Barbie
Wedding Day Barbie Repro   Winter in New York Barbie   Victorian Barbie with Cedric Bear
Winner's Circle Barbie       Whispering Wind Barbie
Angel Barbie Philippine 64797-9992
Angel Barbie Philippine 64797-9993
Barbie 2000
Barbie as Snowflake in "The Nutcracker"
Beauty from Beauty and the Beast
Between Takes Barbie
Birthday Wishes Barbie 
Bowling Champ Barbie
Celebration Barbie
Club Couture Barbie
Coca Cola Soda Fountain Barbie
Coca-Cola Sweetheart Barbie 
Cool Collecting Barbie
Countess of Rubies Barbie 
Dancing Fire Barbie
Day in the Sun Barbie 
Delphine Barbie
Dolls Of The World Northwest Coast 
Dolls Of The World Barbie Swedish
Duchesse of Diamonds Barbie
Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra
Elisabeth Taylor / White Diamonds
Elisabeth Taylor in Father of the Bride
Empress of Emeralds Barbie
Evening Star Princess Barbie
Fabulous Forties Barbie
Fairy of the Forest Barbie
Fantasy Goddess of the Americas 
Givenchy Barbie
Glamorous Gala ( Caucasian ) Barbie
Goddess of Beauty Barbie
Goddess of Spring Barbie
Grand Entrance Barbie 
Groovy 60`s Barbie 
Hanae Mori Barbie
Harley-Davidson Ken #2
Harley-Davidson® Barbie #4
Holiday Angel Barbie 
Holiday Angel second Barbie 
Holiday Treasures Barbie
Hollywood Premiere Barbie 
Indigo Obsession Barbie
Lady Liberty Barbie
Lucy's Italian Movie
Lunch at the Club Fashion
Mann's Chinese Theater Barbie
Mann's Chinese Theater Barbie AA
Merlin and Morgan Le Fay  Gift Set
Midnight Moon Princess Barbie
Millennium Wedding Barbie
Morning Sun Princess Barbie
Nifty Fifties Barbie
Peace & Love 70`s Barbie
Queen of Sapphires Barbie
Raggedy Ann and Andy 
Scuderia Ferrari Barbie
Snowflake in the Nutcracker Barbie
Sophisticated Lady  Barbie Repro
Suits Me Fine Fashion 
Swedish Barbie
Sydney 2000 Olympic Pin Collector 
The Addams Family Giftset
The Lingerie Barbie black
The Lingerie Barbie blond
The Swan Barbie
Venetian Opulence Barbie
Victorian Holiday Barbie and Kelly
Victorian with Cedric Bear Barbie 
Wedgwood Barbie
Western Plains Barbie
Wonder Woman Barbie