My Vintage Barbie doll and fashion Collection
2001 - 2010
I still have many dolls and fashions which are not yet recorded in my inventory

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2001   2002   2003
40th Anniversary Ken
40th Anniversary Ken AA
  Barbie 2002
Barbie in India 9910
  Batic Princess Barbie
Bohemian Glamour Barbie
50th Anniversary Lucy and Ricky
Celebration 2001 Barbie
  Barbie-Hooray for Hollywood
Elvis Gold Lane
  Designer Spotlight by Katiana Jiminez 
Exotic Beauty Barbie
Countess of Rubies Barbie
Curious Geoge and Barbie
  Gold'n Glamour Barbie Repro
Gone Platinum Barbie
  Fauna Barbie - Buffalo
Fauna Barbie - Peacock
Coca Cola Cheerleader Barbie
Day in the Sun Barbie
  Grand Entrance Barbie
Holiday Celebration Barbie
  Fauna Barbie - Sea Turtle
James Bond Giftset
Duchess of Diamonds Barbie
Dusk to Dawn Barbie
  Mackie Hollywood Barbie
Marilyn Monroe
  Modern Circle Melody 2003
Peppermint Candy Cane from Nutcracker
Elvis in the Eagle Jumpsuit
Fairy ot the Garden Barbie
  Peter Rabbit 100th Anniversary Barbie
Princess of China
  Pricess of the Danish Court 
Princess of Ancient Greece 
Fantasy Goddess of the Arctic
  Radiant Redheat Barbie
Rapunzel Barbie
  Princess of Cambodia
Princess of England
Fern from Charlotte's
Ferrari Barbie #1
  Sophistic Wedding Barbie
Swan Lake Ballerina Barbie
  Princess of South Africa 
Princess of the Portuguese Empire 
Ferrari Barbie #2
Ferrari Barbie #2
  The Calla Lily Barbie
The Iris Barbie 
  Red Hot Barbie 
The Brunette Brilliance Barbie 
Fire ? Ice Barbie 
Flower Ballerina from the Nutcracker
  Winter`s Reflection Barbie   Noir et Blanc Barbie (Member Club )
Frank Sinatra The Recording
Goddes of Wisdom Barbie
Goldilocks and the Bears
Grand Entrance Barbie
Hansel and Gretel
Harley Davidson Barbie
Holiday Angel Barbie #2
Holiday Celebration Barbie
Holiday Treasures Barbie
Hollywood Cast Party Barbie
I Dream Of Jeannie Barbie
In The Pink Barbie
James Dean - American Legend
Jo from Little Women
Lighter Than Air Barbie Porcelain
Lisette Barbie
Maria Therese Fashion Modell Barbie
Midnight Tuxedo Barbie
Modern Filipina Barbie / 48756-9993
Moja Barbie
Peace and Love 70s Barbie
Princess and the Pea Barbie
Princess of French Barbie
Princess of Incas Barbie
Princess of India Barbie
Publicity Tour Barbie
Romantic Wedding Barbie
Society Hounf Barbie
Spirit of the Earth Barbie
Suburban Shopper Barbie Repro
Tales of the Arabian Nights Gift Set
The Charleston Barbie Bob Mackie
The Lingerie Barbie
The Lingerie black Hair
The Orchid Barbie
The Rose Barbie
2004   2005   2006
Color Magic Barbie black Hair
Color Magic Barbie blonde
  Benetton Capri Islands
Benetton St Tropez
  Best Models On Location: Milan
Best Models On Location: Monte Carlo
Color Magic Barbie red Hair
Exotic Intrigue Barbie
  Daria Shopping Queen
Destiny's Child - Beyonce Knowles
  Build-a-Bear Cuddly Teddy Barbie
Diane von Furstenberg Barbie
Fashion Show Barbie
Fashion Show Teresa
  Holiday Barbie
Princess of Holland
  Holiday Barbie
Oktoberfest Barbie 
Holiday Barbie 
Lounge Kitties Collection Barbie
  Princess of the Paciffic Islands
Smashin Satin Francie
  Stacey Nite Lightning Repro
Modern Circle Evening Melody
Princess of Russia
  Stacey Nite Lightning
The 45. Anniversary Barbie
Versus Versace Barbie 
2007   2008   2009
Best Models On Location Barcelona
Cinco De Mayo Barbie 
Hard Rock Cafe Barbie
Irish Dance Barbie